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By Chelsea Patterson, Owner – My Big Event Wedding Websites & Stationery

Ever ordered something online and it got lost in the post? Frustrating right…

Now imagine spending close on 2k (minimum!) designing and printing your dream wedding invitations, hand labeling the envelopes and sending them off with a good luck kiss to your friends and family around the world, only to find that many of them got lost/wet/stolen or worse. Not to mention the amount of time and money spent on putting it all together and then waiting patiently at the post box for the rsvps to hopefully come back to you. Your wedding is in 2 months and you still have not heard back from 50% of your guests and you are not even sure if they ever received it in the first place…

Okay, I’m sorry I may be making this sound like a nightmare especially when Pinterest makes wedding stationery sets look absolutely gorgeous, elegant and classy. And the appeal is definitely there (yes, even I may have a board with just stunning stationery sets pinned to it) but in this day and age, besides printing up a couple for those special family members and older folk, and in South Africa with our postal service, is it really all that practical beyond the prettyness of it all?

Enter the trending new wedding website invitation (insert trumpets, unicorns, flower petals!)

Wedding Website Examples From My Big Event

8 Reasons Why A Wedding Website Is The Way Forward

 1. Cost – A wedding website is a truckload cheaper than printing and posting individual invites. It is a once off cost that will not add up over time.

 2. All the information is there in one convenient place – Venue links? Check. Google Maps? Check. Accommodation and gift registry links? Check. RSVP form that comes straight to your email? Check.

 3. Good looks – With digital technology it is super simple to create a website that has all the prettyness of a traditional invitation without having to pay for all the glitter and gold foiling AND it optimizes for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.

4. Easy to navigate – Here at My Big Event I create one page scrolling websites that has everything your guests need on one easy to use page that looks awesome on a cellphone. Statistics show that 80% of guests will view the website on their phones, and we all know how annoying menu buttons are on mobile! The one page site does not need a menu button and your guests can easily find the information they need and RSVP form all in one scrolling movement.

 5. Fast & simple – They require minimal effort from you besides sending through your theme/colours, event info and a few photos. You can have a website up in a week!

 6. Stay organized – With My Big Event I send out the emails for you with a pretty design and a button that links your guests to your website. You then get updates from me about emails that were not received as well as emails that were received but not opened so you can keep track of exactly who has seen your invite and who’s email got bounced.

7. Updating is a breeze – Eeek caterer suddenly changed the menu options? Venue had a freak accident? Need to add in a quick gift registry? Never fear, just update your site or pop out an email to let your guests know

8. 100% Unique to your wedding – It gives you the chance to wow your guests with something new and unique to you and your wedding day. After all, your invitation and save the date are the first glimpse your guests will get of what to expect on your big day!

BONUS It is eco friendly! No cutting down trees for multiple pieces of paper with finnicky maps and tiny designs

Sounds good right…

Well that’s because it is!

Have any questions or keen to get started on your own site? Pop me an email