By Chelsea Patterson, Owner – My Big Event Wedding Websites & Stationery

The end of the year is fast approaching, and for those who are planning weddings for next year, this is the time to start finalising plans and booking suppliers. Below are a list of 2018 wedding trends that are sure to leave your guests wanting more!


Create an eclectic mix of new and old vases and vessels for your flowers. Mix modern and vintage, height and width, glass and copper, round and gemoetric to set your day apart. When it comes to the actual flowers, pastel and lights are always winners, especially with pops of greenery and bright colour. 2018 will be all about bold and striking arrangements with a twist of something different.

For bouquets – Full on living greenery bouquets are going to be seen down isles in 2018. Think succulents, eucalyptus, jasmine, acacia,ferns. Freeform bouquets with their wild style and mix of heights and textures will also be mixed in with greenery and pops of white/pastel.

Wedding Dresses

Expect to see a lot of romantic flowers adorning otherwise fairly minimal and simple dresses. A fairy-tale, whimsical style will take over the wedding scene, with soft touches of colour and floral elements. Sleeves are also back in fashion, especially for those Autumn and winter weddings. Capes have also been seen dotting the 2018 wedding collection runways around the world. Off the shoulder sleeves and ballgown silhouettes are a timeless fashion and won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Think lace, tulle and floral for next years dress trends.

Venues, Decor & Stationery

Transparency is key come 2018. Think large glass windows and walls, perspex elements, light bright spaces. Loft buildings, rooftops, green houses and courtyards will be the new wedding venue trend. Decor leans towards glass elements, semi-transparent paper goods, white & glass plates, with pops of flowers and greenery. Marble, glass and copper is making a huge comeback when it comes to decor and minimalism is a definite trend in the stationery department. Modern brides are also going paperless and preferring to use technology and websites for their invitations, offering guests an easier way to keep up to date.


Step aside traditional 3 course meal with meat and veggies. 2018 Is all about sharing platters, vendor stands and cultural themed food. Local, organic farm table food is always a winner especially when paired with the help-yourself approach and food bars where you can make your own. Breakfast and brunch menus will also be popping up in weddings. How about Asian or Mexican themed food, everyone loves sushi and nachos! Or pizza from a pizza van. Dessert? Donuts, macaroons, cupcakes…how about a full on mixed dessert table to appease every appetite. 

Wedding Sizes

Wedding lists are getting smaller as budgets become tighter and weddings become more expensive to plan. Why not skip out on the relatives and friends you have not seen or heard from in years (They can always see it all on Facebook later) and opt rather for a small intimate gathering. It saves you money and you don’t need to pretend feeding someones plus one that you have never met before doesn’t annoy you slightly 😉

These seem to be the upcoming wedding trends for 2018. Just because it’s a trend it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create the wedding that YOU want, it is just a nice little inspo list to get the creative juices flowing…

Happy Planning!